Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentines' Day

lets see if i've still got this blogging thing in me….

its been a while….like a couple years kind of while…

Yesterday was Valentines Day, "The Hallmark Holiday" as some call it. For me its a pretty special day because it was the day that my sweetie and I started writing back and forth….our "anniversary" if you will. How fitting ey?
Well, the kids woke up to some cards in the mail from my mama.
now you might be wondering what exactly is going on here….cause I was too when I walked into this scene. Baby on the potty with 5$ bills being passed around and a whole lot of excitement. Well, it was the wee ones opening their valentines day cards, in the bathroom, you know, because thats the best place to open gifts right? When you're peeing.

Malaya showed me Koa's card which was rather appropriate for him considering he pretty much is the little brown dog in the picture, taking everything out of the dishwasher to "help" mama while I attempt to load it up.

Later in the day another package arrived from FL Grandma and the children were rather excited about their new board game. "Race to the Treasure" a cooperative game where they together have to make a path on a grid and race to the treasure before those darn Ogre's get it! Good stuff…(I haven't seen my kids since it arrived, and Malaya is learning how to plot numbers on a graph because of it…extra plus!)

We didn't do as much holiday crafting as I had hoped for, the days were busy prior to, but we did manage to accomplish these beeswax heart candles just in time for the day.

We cut out the heart shapes with cookie cutters and layered the different colored wax atop one another, poked a hole through the center and VOILA…heart shaped candles. It burns really well. It was my first attempt at making a candle in this manner, and I prefer it to dipping them.

Since we've gone Paleo much of the sweetness of these holidays has gone by the wayside, however, after searching high and low for a treat everyone could enjoy, I found these little yummy nuggets of deliciousness.

dark chocolate with raw honey and almond extract in the middle. Paleo goodness!
Their the perfect little something that makes you feel like you're eating candy.
Add to that some strawberry honey jam thumbprint cookies and the kids were happy. 
Mission Valentines Day treats complete. 

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  1. So cute! The treats sound yummy. I love the candle idea!