Wednesday, August 7, 2013

vitamin water

A big part of our homeschooling days involve being OUTSIDE during these warmer months. After having Koa, I realized that my ideal garden was not a possibility with an infant in tow. Weeding in hot sun with 3 month old, and older whining children? thanks
So I decided that the focus this year would be on maintaining a simple herb bed. Its pretty much the compromise for the gardener in me. I need to get earthy on some level, or I can't maintain my fairy like spirit.

We've started concocting what we call 'vitamin water'

todays' recipe was Blackberries, peppermint and anise. Mush all together in a large jar, add water, and put in fridge for half the day. beautiful (and real) VITAMIN WATER. Now this sure beats pay 1$ each for them at the corner store!

Koa has been starting to crawl and likes to sit outside on his quilt while we pick berries, herbs and weeds. He stays like this just long enough for me to pick my herb bed weeds...and then it turns into a big mess with him grabbing wood chips and mud and trying to shovel it into his mouth.
This of course goes in conjunction with his two new teeth, and desire to eat FOOD! :)

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