Tuesday, July 9, 2013

beading with babies

Homeschooling with an infant should come with a warning label, i'm too tired to think of what the clever label would say...but you get the point. Homeschooling with an infant is not as easy and ideallic as one might think.

Our week long lesson on counting by continues with a craft project that I made up. After doing more movement verses as we did yesterday focusing on counting by 2, 3 and 4. Banyan wrote the verses out in his main lesson book and proceeded to count, 2, 4, 6, 8...

Its finally starting to sink in, and he's beginning to say them out loud now with less thought and more just from memory and rhythm. After our book work, we rode out to Michaels and picked up some beads for our craft.

After some snack, we came home and got to work constructing what I call "counting by malas"

The kids sat down and attempted to construct a count by 2 strand, 2,4,6,8....20  a count by 3 strand 3,6,9,12....30
all the way up to count by 4 and 5...with 5 containing 50 beads. The idea here is that they can serve as manipulatives not only to help with counting by, but also will help in later in the year when we start multiplication up to the 10 tables.

Beading with babies. When I thought that in my head today I asked myself..."dear jamie, why would you think this would be a good idea?"
as I attempted to string each bead onto malaya's to help her...Koa would grab for them and there they'd roll back onto the rug.
so...i put him down and then this started happening.

He'd tug at her skirt and try yanking the strands out of her hand.

So...i put him further away and he rolled and rolled right back and knocked over our pile of crimp beads. For those of you who dont know what crimp beads are, they're the little tiny beads you put at the end of each strand to hold the beads from sliding out of place. Picking up a pile of 50 crimp beads off of a closely matched colored carpet is like picking ticks off a hairy italian mans chest. Yeap, thats what beading with babies is like.

I think I'll stick to the birch bark boats thank you.

Once we got Banyan's set completed, we began doing counting by on them. 1,2 THREE, 4,5 SIX...etc.. saying the red bead louder...so he'll get the idea better. By the end of the day, he can now do 2-20 on his own without the manipulatives...so I can see that they were a big help for him. You can't see in the photo below, but we added clasps onto them so he can wear them and walk around counting while doing his 'counting malas'

My late night task is now to finish up malaya's bead set while the baby sleeps. No more beading with babies for me.

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